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The Angel Story

As I gazed upon the face of the Angel I was overcome with emotions. Awe sorrow, weakness and desire seemed to fill me to the point of bursting. Her eyes were beautiful, seeming to hold all the wisdom and hope to be found in the world. Her hair was captivating, rolling lik the ocean and mesmerizing me with every movement. I felt ecstatic and ashamed at the same time, here was a creature of unimaginable beauty, yet compared to her I was a mere human, ugly and mortal. Then I noticed her wings. Seared black, they filled me with despair. Those wings proved that even though she was immortal, her scheming and planning while on Earth had left her scarred even here. Suddenly I noticed the glint in her eyes when she looked at me and I felt fear. As sudden as the first had appeared, another was there. They seemed to know each other and began talking softly in a language I could never hope to understand. Soon after they began laughing and pointing at me, I could not help but feel a little paranoid, as they both had that same mischievious glint in their eyes. It seemed to suggest playfulness but I wasn`t sure. Even before I had seen her move the first was on me with grace and speed. She quickly took me to the ground and I thought "This is it, I`m gonna die." Then unexpectedly the other started tickling me, it was then that I noticed her wings were black as well. The laughter came from all three of us then, although involuntarily from me. I wondered why they were doing this but then I realized that I didn`t care, the two most beautiful beings to be found on the Earth were trying to play games with me! Thinking quickly, and realizing they only wanted to have fun and not hurt me, I grabbed the first angel and rolled her over. Then I began to tickle her. My god, the laughter that came out of her was melodic. I felt love for her in that moment and I think I heard love in that laugh. Then she began to talk. Her voice was as beautiful as she was, drawing me ever closer to her. I cannot clearly recall what she said, only that her voice was wonderous. Then as suddenly as the appeared, they vanished, leaving me feeling empty and confused. I waited, standing still in hopes that they would come back, they didn`t. The next day I went to school feeling upset and worried. Why had they teased me like that? It was then that I saw the Angel again and I realized that she had been beside me all along, I had just never truly realized her beauty. I looked in her eyes and there was that glint of mischief again and I knew that this was what the angel had meant, that I would find one just like her on Earth and we were destined to be together, thus I finally truly saw Jen for the first time and thus I asked her out. Now I feel as if the angel is constantly beside me in her, but now it is not the angel I look at, but the girl.

If angels are beauty,
why then, you must be one.
If heaven is happiness,
why then, I`m there when I`m with you.
And if God is love,
why then, you are mine.
My God, my Angel, my Happiness.