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Blue Rodeo is one of Canada`s best bands. And one of the best bands in the world, ever! Well, at least in my (and thousands of other ppl`s) opinion. *LOL*

I first got hooked on BR in 1998 when Due South filmed an episode here in Brantford (click name to go to my page of info, pics, and more on Btfd). We went down as extras, and ended up getting a soundtrack. One of the songs is "Flying" by BR. So when I heard a song on the radio, and listened to the soundtrack again, I was hooked!

Since then I`ve met some wonderful ppl, both on the discussion board and at school, due to BR, seen the band about ...umm...I don`t quite remember how many times (visit my BR site to find out), and got pics with each of them. Yeah!

Blue Rodeo (from left) - James Gray, Greg Keelor, Jim Cuddy, Bazil Donovan, Glenn Milchem.
Bob Egan, the newest member, is not in this pic.