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  • history: Joseph Brant of the 6 nations forded the Grand River, and that`s where the city built from and got it`s name
  • POP: 86, 417
  • Best-blooming city - locally, nationally and internationally
  • Tournament Capitol of Ontario
  • 2nd highest # of Tim Horton`s per capita (second to Hamilton)
  • home of the busiest Tim Horton`s
  • birthplace of Wayne Gretzky
  • birthplace of Chris Gratton
  • birthplace of the telephone
  • childhood hometown of Jim Cuddy
  • birthplace of Lawren Harris
  • hometown of the best guy on earth - Matt Kruger, my b/f
  • birthplace of native poet E. Pauline Johnson
  • Bunny Capitol of Canada
  • filming location of Due South episode Dr.Longball

    tourism center, Joseph Brant statue

    Adelaide Hunter homestead, A.G. Bell homestead, Military Museum, Myrtleville House

    Glenhyrst Art Gallery, Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts, Sanderson inside, city bus

    bus terminal, apartment buildings

    White Rose service Station 1930 (Dalhousie and Bridge St.), Mohawk Chapel

    Lorne Park, train coming into Brantford station, water tower

    train station, Laurier unviersity, PJ students at D`Aubigny Creek, old train station

    old library, Lorne Park flowerbed, monument

    Sherwood Restaurant, public library

    CKPC radio station, Brantford Music Centre, Lynden Park Mall

  • If you`re from Brantford, you know:
  • It`s pronouced Dal-loo-sey, not Dal-housie
  • Walter and Phyllis live on Varadi Drive
  • Doughnuts aren`t just for breakfast
  • The city`s population, according to the road signs, is exactly 82,001
  • French fries from a chip wagon aren`t right without vinegar
  • Hardy Road, Tollgate Road, Fairview Drive and Lynden Road are all the same road
  • There won`t be a lineup at the movies
  • Canadian Tire money is as real as real money
  • It`s pronouced Brant-furd, not Brant-ford, no matter what the radio station says
  • Wilfrid Laurier`s Brantford campus is in "the old library"
  • James Hillier, Thomas Costain, Pauline Johnson are the names of schools. They are also famous people
  • You`ve got to get to the market Saturday before 9am to get the good stuff
  • The 403 is a highway built to facilitate travel to Princeton
  • Which beer stores stay open late
  • Where you can park for two free hours downtown and what time the parking attendants make their rounds
    What makes you a Brantfordite/Brantfordian:
  • More than once you`ve received mail addressed to someone with a similar name in Bradford or Brampton
  • Your grandfather worked at Massey`s or Cockshutt`s
  • You don`t think it`s odd that West Street runs east and west, north and south
  • When you are travelling and meet someone from Brantford, you ask which high school they went to
  • You believe The Expositor`s sports department favours a high school other than the one you went to
  • Garden centres are a night out
  • A trip to the big city means Hamilton
  • Someone you know works at a call centre
  • You watch BRantford city council on cable, just because you can
  • You know someone who would like to give up smoking
  • You check out the junk your neighbours put out for garbage pickup
  • Even if you disagree with the casino, you took visitors to see it because they were curious
  • As a child, you sat on the lions on the front steps of the post office
  • Half the time, you call the Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts the Capitol Theatre
  • Arnold Anderson read your name on the radio
  • As a teenager you knew all the paths through the bushes along the Grand River
  • You got on the Internet specifically to vote for Jimmy "Iceman" MacNeil as Zamboni driver of the year