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Yeah, I know, I`ve already rambled a bit about what I`ve done and like to do on the computer/internet...but there`s so much!! So I figured it might need it`s own page. So here goes:

One thing I like to do is work on my websites...hence why this site exists. In total I`ve had ..umm...too many websites, now I have got it down to eight, one of which is my original. Eight sites, eight topics - Blue Rodeo, my poetry, dragons and unicorns, My Little Pony, murder mysteries, horses, Group of Seven, and me (which would be this site). Now you`re probably wondering how someone could possibly have so many sites (not all at the same time mind you), and honestly I`ve wondered the same thing. I`d basically see a website I could do, and I`d sign up for it, then the host site would end the free-site service, so I`d get rid of that site. Or I`d just get tired of it.

Now I don`t just work on my sites, I do the other typical internet things too - discussion board, ICQ, downloading songs from Kazaa, e-mail, etc, etc...

I also work on the computer, or help others with it (namely my dad and mom). I like making up programs in Visual Basic, which is a software program as well as a computer language. With VB you are actually designing and creating a computer program/game. Unfortunately the program is very pricey, so I`ve just been doing this at school. The next language up from it is C++, I`ve also taken. I was hoping to take Java (the highest one), but as I said before - timetable conflicts and it being cancelled, I oculdn`t. I love getting into computer languages - VB, HTML (internet), etc. One of my favourite things is working on and with a computer. That`s why I`m going to Mohawk College for their Web Applications course, and then become a webmaster! (Maybe Hasbro will hire me!) Currently I've learned XHTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Unix, and C at Mohawk.