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As I mentioned before, I`ve got quite a few (to put it mildly) friends on the discussion board.
I`ve already told you about how I got into BR at the start, and the board just is a continuation of that... When I first was visiting the website, it was quite different to what it is now, and quite a bit smaller. So then one day I went on, and it was totally different, and better! So I was joining everything on the "new" site - mailing list, etc... After a little while, they put the board on, so I decided to check it out as well. That was quite a while back - May 19, 2000!!! Since then I`ve been part of the crew for a while, and was helping out with the board (moderating) and making up some of the trivia quizzes.
We`ll talk about everything and anything - BR (duh!), other musicians, what`s new in the world, birthdays, concerts, TV, etc, etc...

But one of the best parts of the board, is all of the friends I`ve made. During elementary school I didn`t really have that many friends, so the board gave me ppl to talk to. Some of my best friends are from that board - Kara, Lanny,...and the list goes on and on and on...there (seriously) must be at least a couple hundred ppl.