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These are the sensory judging people and above all, must belong. No matter what social unit is involved, they must earn this place of belonging by being fulfilling being of service... giving to and caring for others instead of receiving from them.
Gold people: 43% of the general population and 56% of teachers are gold.

Description of a gold:
must belong, useful, belonging must be earned, no free-loader, caretaker, wrok ethic, parental attitude, compelled to be bound and obligated, desires hierarchy, should be rules, general theme of pessimism, store-up, membership, socializers, conservation, tradition, fundamentals, foundations, "be prepared", responsible, care for others, promter, home and family, dutiful, sense of history, hates wasting time, "shoulds" and "should nots", right and wrong, must be appreciated (often is not), establishes and maintains institutions, saves, perpetuates heritage, questions change, standards, steadfast, dependable, reliable, backbnoe of institutions and society, punctual, schedules, predictable

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