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Well...seeing as you`ve made it this far, you`ve obviously found out some of my hobbies - music, BR, TV/radio, etc... but that`s not all of them!
I also enjoy doing crafts, the internet/computers, writing and reading (esp poetry), and other things.

Now as I mentioned before, one hobby is basically anything BR related. I`ll check out other fans websites, work on my sites, move around the "main" site -, check out pics, re-live concerts, etc, etc...
For crafts, I do a variety of crafts. Cross stitch is a big one, plastic canvas is the other big one, and I also do latch rug hooking, crewel, and I would like to get into chair weaving sometime.
Computers - I`ll just play games, homework, or just typing up stories/poems and just seeing what I can do and create. At school I had an Introduction to Business class, and that was fun. We also did Visual Basic and C++ programming. I was hoping to get Java as well, but there were conflicts in my timetable, then it was cancelled due to not enough students enrolled. I`m also into HTML programming a bit, which helps me quite a bit with my websites - I`ve only got 8! (I have had many more sites thought - too many to count!) When it comes to the internet, even after I`m all done with e-mail, and everything else, there`s always work to be done on at least one of my sites! And I also help out with, as I`ve already mentioned.
Now onto reading and writing. I like to write stories but they don`t always come out the best, so I`m more into poetry. I`m not exactly the most open with expressing my emotions and feelings, so I do it through my poems. Sometimes I can write it in letters/notes/e-mails, but usually it`s in poems.
And last, but certainly NOT last - My Little Pony! I have loved them since I was a kid, and now that they have been re-released (G3) I`ve gotten into collecting them again! My friends don`t understand it at all, but I know there are 40-year-olds out there collecting! Who says these things were made for little 8-year-olds??? I also make up custom ponies on the internet for people.