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My Site

Now, a little bit of info you should know before you get too deep into this site:

It`s like a little path, where each page will have something about me on it, then you`ll click on a picture, that is somehow related to me, and it`ll take you to the next page. Over the course of your tour, you will find little tidbits of interesting info on me, and my life. At the end you`ll find links to my other sites, as well as some other surprises. ;-) You`ll just have to wait and find what they could be. Should be fun!!! And I`ll put a little info as to why each pic is related to me, k? Great!! Ooh! And one other thing - don`t forget to check the title bar (that`s the little blue bar at the top of the screen) for interesting titles!

I like fish, and have had a few Betta`s (pictured above). I`ve also had some goldfish.