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This page is dedicated to the Sept.11 disaster that happened in New York and also Washington. Even though the attacks didn`t effect me personally, it has effected people I know.

A question that people will often ask is: "Where were you when this happened?" Well, I remember very clearly where I was - sitting in my period 1 class - grade 10 english, listening to the teacher. Around 10:30am, the principal came over the P.A. System and said something about it, but nobody could hear due to the class talking so much. I didn`t know much of anything until 3rd period, grade 10 math when our teacher mentioned something about it. The next class I had, grade 10 Civics - we spent the whole class talking about it, and the next day too. Also the next day, with it on our minds so much, our english teacher let us write whatever we wanted about it and in whatever form. I chose to write a poem. To read it click here -> America Under Attack.

Another reason the tragedy comes up in my mind often is the fact that my wonderful boyfriend Matt asked me out three days later. So whenever I picture that day in my mind, I also remember what happened three days earlier. Also, another reason, my 16th birthday will be on the Sept.11th`s 8 month anniversary. That`s why I decided to have a page about it on my site.

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Order Of Events
  • 8:45am
    - a plane hits the north tower
  • 9:08am
    - a plane crashes into the south tower
  • 9:20am
    - President Bush denounces attacks
  • 9:30am
    - a plane crashes into the Pentagon
  • 9:49am
    - all take off cancelled
    - 120 incoming flights redirected to Cananda
  • 9:50am
    - south tower collapses
  • 10:05am
    - the White House is evacuated
  • 10:30am
    - north tower collapses
  • 10:37am
    - a plane crashes in a field near Pittsburg`s airport
  • 10:00-11:30am
    - all government buildings are evacuated
    - all tunnels and bridges are closed (at borders)
    - all flights are grounded
  • 10:40am
    - the Canadian Stockmarket is shut down (Wall Street never opened)
  • 11:04am
    - United Nations headquarters is evacuated
  • 11:18am
    - American Airlines claimes 150 people were lost on two planes
  • 12:00am
    - United Airlines claimes 110 people lost on two planes
  • 1:04pm
    - Bush says that the US will hunt down and punish those responsible
  • 1:27pm
    - a state of emergency is declared in Washington, D.C.
  • 2:51pm
    - US navy deploys aircraft carriers and guided missile destroyers to NY and DC
  • 5:25pm
    - building 7 collapses after fire, building had been evacuated
  • 7:00pm
    - Bush arrives in DC after two secret military stops in Louisiana and Nebraska
  • 8:30pm
    - Bush addresses nation, saying there were 1000`s killed in the attacks