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Now when I listen to the radio, it`s usually one of two stations, and even then it`s usually just the one main station. What stations you ask? Well...from what you`ve read about me already, you can probably figure out that it`s not EnergyRadio...nope! It's the new Country95.3 FM - Hamilton's country station. It used to be 820ChamCountry - Hamilton`s other classic country station. I used to listen to 96.7ChymFM - Kitchener`s station, quite a bit. But that was before I found Cham. Once in a while I`ll check out 92.1FM or 1380AM - Brantford`s stations, or Oldies 1150 - another Hamilton station.

I`ve had a pretty neat experience with ChymFM - visiting the station! After listening to them for a while, I decided that the next time we went down to Kitchener, we were going to stop by and see what`s it like. I never dreamed that we`d get a tour of the place, and even stand right in the studio with Neil Beaumont! And we even got ChymFM mugs!! That was pretty cool. And if you check out their website - - they`ve got an online tour of the station. Cool, eh?