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One of the things I can do anytime, is watch TV. But I won`t watch just anything! One thing I can always watch is CMT (Country Music Television). It`s always showing something good, whether it`s hours and hours of videos or interesting One On One interviews. And then there`s my favourite shows - Due South, Star Trek, Art Attack, Watership Down, Boston Public, Doc, and many more!

Due South: A show about a mountie that is partnered with a Chicago PD after he comes to Chicago from the Yukon following the killers of his father. His companion is a wolf.
Star Trek: Who doesn`t know this show?! The Original Series (Kirk), The Next Generation (Picard), Deep Space Nine (Sisko), Voyager (Janeway), and now Enterprise (Archer). The best ever space show. Thirty years...and counting!
Art Attack: Maybe a little kidish, but Neil`s art project are just amazing!
Watership Down: A group of rabbits set out in search of a new home. Based on Richard Adams` book.
Boston Public: Follows the lives of students and teachers alike in a high school - relationships, struggles, accomplishments, and more.
Doc: Started watching it b/c of Billy Ray Cyrus, continue watching it b/c it`s a great show. Dr.Clint Cassidy is a doctor from the country in a big city, who still does house calls, etc, despite what his bosses say. He really cares for the patients.
Reba: Great comedy featuring Reba McEntyre and her crazy "family".

But these are just a few of the shows I`ll watch. There`s too many to name, and after a while my reviews get repetative.

And if there isn`t anything to watch on TV, then there`s tons of tapes to watch. But out of all that choice, I`ll most likely reach for one of my *many* BR tapes!