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Here`s my beliefs and opinions on the world, and a little bit about my personality.

First of all - personality. I dunno why, I just feel like starting with that one first. First of all - I`m a Taurus, so that explains quite a bit. So that means I`m an earth sign - no-nonsense, trust-worthy, and successful, a 'fixed' sign - steady,stubborn achiever. Taurus`s are known for being stubborn and not liking change, which is true for me. We`re also very determined, so we always get what we want. But, we are also very loyal, so we`ll always be there for people.

Next topic(s)! My beliefs/opinions. First of all, I feel that teens put too much importance on fitting in and being cool and popular. It`s not worth it! All my life (mostly) I`ve been different. I like different music, TV shows, radio stations, different "taste in guys", etc, etc... And you know what? I`m proud of it! A while ago I was talking with one of my dear friends, and we were talking about what we would like to change about ourselves and what we like about ourselves. For what I liked - I said "being proud of who I am. Being able to be different and not caring what others think." That`s a big thing for me at the moment. People used to 'dislike' me b/c I was different, but now I don`t really care. And I think some people actually admire the fact that I can be different. Most teens feel like they have to wear the lastest in clothes, or listen to the lastest bands. I say that if you`re not happy with that, then get out of it. If your "friends" can`t except that you don`t like that, then they`re not really true friends. Break away, find someone else. There are other people out there like you! You are not alone!! I used to think I was totally alone in the world, and then I got to high school and joined a wonderful group of people, and now I`m as happy as could be. And one thing that helps, is everyone in the group is "different" in their own ways.