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During my first few months on the board, quite a few of us made up a bit of a cover band for BR. When I started out, a couple ppl said they played guitar, and since I played keyboard I suggested that we make up a BR trio. Well, quickly afterwards, our little trio had grown to a band of 15 ppl. Then we came up with the name: Blue Kids In The Hall (and I added the "The Official Cover Band Of Blue Rodeo" part).

One slight detail about the band, we have never met, never practiced, everyone lives across the country or in the USA, and the idea died out very quickly. Except in my eyes! We started writing a song which I will be sending to the band sometime soon, for them to finish and use if they like.

Here is a pic taken at a concert in Cambridge. This is a bunch of ppl from the board. There`s me, Matt (Raijha), Steve (Plateman), mom, Dianne, Sonja, Fran, John, Deb (DebP), Collette (Silhouettes) *LOL*