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I am, or have been involved in quite a few clubs and activities over the years. I`ve taken dance lessons, and been in a soccer league. In May 2001 I helped out at Riverfest. That was pretty fun.

One of my main clubs during high school was the Yearbook Committee. We totally designed the yearbook, including taking pics, laying out the pages (which is one of my main jobs), and captions. And even selling them. We had a blast every meeting! In grade 12 I was sort of been "promoted" - I was the Yearbook Representative on Student Council. Also, along with the editor and a few others, I was one of the main group (basically those who show up at every meeting and do the most work).
Well, yearbook might have gotten me onto Student Council, but that doesn`t mean that I was any less a part of council than anyone else. Every meeting and event that we did was so much fun, and everyone got along really well. I never would have imagined I`d get on PJ`s council, but I`m really glad that I did.

Well, my Wednesdays may have been taken up (council at lunch, yearbook after school), but that still left my Thurdays open! Or were they? Nope - I found ways of filling them up as well! I had Prom Committee at lunch, where we planned our entire prom (which was May 28/04, exactly 2 weeks after Grad Breakfast). Then after school I had Art Club. If ever you are walking through the halls of PJ, and notice that a bunch of the ceiling tiles are painted, you can thank Art Club. Art Club also paints murals that go on the walls, and many other things. It`s a chance for people to come and do whatever they want that is art related! I actually managed to finish a tile, which is in one of the upper halls (it`s got a rainbow background with a heart in front sporting a banner that says "Eternity" - if I ever get a scanner I`ll post pics).

At the beginning of my last year I was also part of the Parade Float Committee, and got to be on PJ`s float in the Santa Claus Parade. It was so much fun, although listening to Thunderstruck for 8 hours straight can get on your nerves! I also used to tutor a grade 8 girl in math, but now she`s in high school so I just tease her now. I was once a big part of, being a crew member and team leader, but time and other commitments got in the way. I used to take keyboard lessons once a week, until school work got too heavy. Also, I volunteered at the Sanderson Centre once in a while, which was just awesome! There are many other things I`ve done over the years - kindergarten helper in Gr.6, lunch room supervisor and Student Council Secretary in Gr.7, selling milk at lunch in Gr.8, yearbook committee since Gr.8...