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Here`s all my favs, and if there`s something you`d like to see on here that`s not on here (and there`s alot on here), then e-mail me at: Now on to the fav`s:

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: David Duchovny, Paul Gross, Rena Polley
ANIMALS: horses, dolphins, unicorns, cats, swans, birds
BAND: Blue Rodeo (duh!)
BOOK: Mallory and the Dream Horse, Narnia Chronicles, The Last Unicorn, Watership Down
CARS: MINI Cooper, Izusu Rodeo, GMC Jimmy, Jeep Wagoneer
COLOURS: green, and blue
FOODS: cinnamon timbits (Tim Horton`s), perogies, Ferraro Rochers
GAME: Risk
MOVIES: Postcards From The Edge (Columbia), The Last Unicorn (ITC), Pocahontas (Disney), Blue Movies (Blue Rodeo - Warner Music Vision), Watership Down, My Little Pony
T.V. SHOWS: Due South, any Star Trek series, Art Attack, Doc, CMT, X-Files (mainly ones with Mulder), Watership Down, Reba, Radio Free Roscoe
MUSIC: country
NUMBERS: 4, 32, 432, 14
PEOPLE: Matt, Jim Cuddy, all my friends (you guys are the best!)
PLACES: the Scenic High Falls, in Wawa, ON (see background), out at the barn, a specific spot down by Mohawk Lake, with my b/f Matt
ROOM IN HOUSE: my room - it`s my haven
SONG: Flying by: Blue Rodeo
SOUNDS: horse hooves, Scenic High Falls, Blue Rodeo, 'The Last Unicorn' soundtrack
SPORTS: watch - equestrian, hockey, play - soccer
SPORTS TEAMS: hockey Buffalo Sabres, football Miami Dolphins, baseball Oakland A`s
THINGS TO DO: listen to music, do crafts, read, write
QUOTES: "Faith Preceeds The Miracle" (from the movie Voyage Of The Unicorn), "They say home is where the heart is, and since my heart belongs to you, I`m at home whenever I`m with you" (my own quote)