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My friends are one of the most important aspects of my life! Quite a few of my bestest friends are on the board, but there`s more on them later on. For now I`d like to talk about my friends from school.

I`ve got many friends, but I`m just gonna focus on the ones I am with the most. There`s Matt (of course), Jessica, Danielle, Missy, Sabrina, Gene, Dave, Benny, Chester, and many, many, more.
Danielle has been my best friend since we were like a year old. Jess has been one of my best friends since the beginning of high school, but now she`s moved up to Walkerton. I met Matt and some others through Jess. I met Missy and Sabrina in various classes, just sitting there talking all the time. Gene and Dave I met at Mohawk, although we all lived in Brantford. They invited Mattie and I to get together with them for a D&D session. That's where we met Benny and Chester. Ah, what fun!
And then there`s Matt. As I`ve already said, I met him b/c of Jess. He asked me out a *little* while ago, and he is the sweetest guy I`ve ever met. (And Angel, I`m not saying this just to be nice, it`s true!)

And to everyone that`s not mentioned, don`t worry, I still love you all!

NOTE: The above pics do not represent what everyone looks like, it`s just to show us having a good time.