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Now I know the last page was about my friends, and had a bit about my sweet b/f Matt, but I decided that he was so good he needed a page to himself (ain`t that right honey?)

Ok, first of all, Matt asked me out on Friday, September 14, 2001, only three days after the Sept.11 terrorist attack in the USA. Geez, I can still remember nearly everything about that day too - at lunch I had given him my # & addy so he might come up and see our friend Jessica (who was coming down for the weekend and sleeping over at my house). Then when I passed him in the hall on the way to fourth (which was Civics), he slipped me a piece of paper and said that since he had my #, here was his... Well, that paper had a little more then a # on it, it was a full page note, all written in about four different pen colours, and one sentence was: Anyway, I was wondering if maybe you might like, you know, wanna go out with me? (sweet, eh?). I also remember that it was a very nice, warm, sunny day...
Well, that weekend he came up to see me and Jess (we were harassed by a bee when we walked down to the park, hehee), and then a few days later he gave me a very sweet Angel Story (<- click here if you would like to read it).

Here`s a pic of this wonderful guy (acting like Obi Won):

And here`s the rose he gave me for our one month anniversary: