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As I just said, poetry is my best way of expressing myself. Each of my poems reflect something about me, my life, or my thoughts on a particular subject. A couple of my poems have even been published through a couple contests from the Poetry Institute Of Canada.

I basically got into poetry in grade 6 or 7, when I had Mr.Wright for an english teacher. He made us do poetry, no matter how much the class groaned (something I never joined in on). I actually liked poetry. If I knew we had language after recess and we were working on our poems, recess couldn`t be done soon enough!

Once in a while I`ll even write a poem for, or about, a friend. For mine and Matt`s first month anniversary I wrote him a poem, which you`ll find on my poetry website. The links, as mentioned, are listed at the end of the tour.

A clipboard (preferably with paper and a pen) is a very handy tool for poets, especially when we`re working on something. The same thing goes for songwriters.